The Myers Park Neighborhood Association was created for the following purposes:

  1. Myers Park Neighborhood Logo.To create and maintain in the public eye, the press and other media, and before local governing bodies, a distinct and recognizable identity for the Myers Park Neighborhood;
  2. To endeavor to maintain and preserve the unique downtown residential character of the Myers Park Neighborhood;
  3. To take a proactive approach to proposed construction, development, and redevelopment activities proposed within the neighborhood or near any of its boundaries where impact might be anticipated upon the Neighborhood;
  4. To sponsor or conduct workshops, forums, neighborhood meetings, and festivities; publish a newsletter; and undertake other activities designed to build friendly and mutually beneficial relationships among residents and owners of property within the Neighborhood;
  5. To participate in the Tallahassee/Leon County “Council of Neighborhood Associations” (CONA) and such other organizations which are dedicated to the betterment of our community, and;
  6. To engage in any and all types of activities not prohibited by law which shall promote and foster better citizenship among its members, and which shall promote and foster educational, recreational, physical, and social activities of its members and friends that they may acquire knowledge and understanding of other cultures and languages; to promote and foster mutual understanding and good will among persons of all ancestries; to engage in such activities as shall raise the standards of civic morality and community welfare through educational, recreational, and social facilities; and to disseminate such knowledge as shall be useful for its members in their work and home life and as shall make them more proficient in their activities as citizens and residents of the Myers Park Neighborhood, Tallahassee, Leon County, Florida.

From: The Articles of Incorporation of the Myers Park Neighborhood Association, Inc.  (1/10/96)