Development Proposal Update #2

From Facebook post by Linc Clay – 10/27/16 (7:10pm)

Good Evening Neighbors. There is a very interesting and important discussion in the “Sharing of Ideas” section at the conclusion of yesterday’s commission meeting. This discussion occurred after all of us had left so we missed it. Check out timeslice 2:20:40 through 2:33:00.

Commissioner Richardson asks for a mechanism to assure neighborhoods that they will be protected from encroachment. The rest of the commissioners basically say (as the Mayor mentioned while we were there) that this is art and not science and that is why elect them: to make these tough decisions. They do not want a standard mechanism – they want a piecemeal process whereby they determine whose ox gets gored. Also in this segment the question of a lot of unused or under-used parks and recreation lands is raised. They want to consider disposing of this land as well to reduce maintenance costs. This segment is an important part of understanding how the commissioners see their role as the “decider” for development.

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