Development Proposal for City Parks & Recreation Office Parcel

From Facebook post by Linc Clay

Hello Myers Park & Woodland Drives,

I wanted to make you aware of an evaluation that is being prepared for the City-owned parcel on which the Parks, Recreation, and Neighborhood Affairs office sits. It is also where we vote and hold meetings. This parcel is about 9 acres in size and contains the office, plus related maintenance buildings. It is bounded by the railroad tracks on the north, Myers Park Drive on the east, Van Buren on the south, and the electric station on the west.

The current zoning is RP-2 (residential preservation). The parcel is in the Historic District Overlay and is within the only listed residential historic district in the city. The RP-2 zoning allows up to 6 dwelling units per acre. Developers have approached the city with the idea of buying this parcel and rezoning to allow much denser development (much higher than 6 units per acre). Attached is a concept drawing provided by the planning department showing the concept.

It is my understanding that a preliminary evaluation of this idea will be presented to the City Commission in September. This idea would require a Comprehensive Plan change (to change the zoning) and possibly some other code and/or policy changes.

For information on what the city is doing, watch the IA meeting at the link below. Minutes 13:28 to 21:06 address this development proposal as it relates to the sound mitigation wall that was passed by the IA last year, but is now on hold pending an evaluation of this development concept.

Attached is the concept sketch prepared by the planning department.

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