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Here is Wayne Tedder’s response to the questions the BOD sent him re: the Parks & Rec parcel.

Thanks so much for taking on the distribution of information to your neighborhood. Please see my responses to each of your questions below. Before reading my responses, please note that no action to sell the property has occurred to date. Staff has been asked to provide an analysis at an upcoming City Commission meeting for consideration. The neighborhoods will be fully informed when this discussion is set to be held by the commission.

Here are questions raised by neighbors:

Who are the developers that are interested in developing the tract?

Response: Over the past several months, staff have been approached by individuals who assist developers who have asked if the City would be willing to sell the property. We do not know who they represent and no specific plans were identified other than general statements regarding the attractiveness for residential development.

When will the developers share their plans for the tract?

Response: No process has been identified at this time to involve developers.

Does the City have a policy regarding disposal of real estate?

Response: Yes. Given the size and potential cost of this property, the potential sale of the property would be required to be reviewed by the City’s Real Estate Committee (City Treasurer Clerk, Deputy City Manager and Assistant City Manager of Development Services and Economic Vitality) prior to a required vote by the City Commission. This process would only occur should the city decide to pursue selling the property through a publicly noticed RFP process.

What things would have to occur to allow development of this tract?

Response: The property is currently zoned RP-2 which allows single family attached and detached dwelling units up to 6 dwelling units per acre. However, the Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use Map (FLUM) designations is Recreation/Open Space. Recreation/Open Space typically allows passive and active recreation land uses. Residential is not permitted. There is a contradiction between the zoning designation and the Comprehensive Plan designation. The Comprehensive Plan controls when conflicts occur between the Comp Plan and Zoning Atlas. Any residential uses proposed on this site would require a Comprehensive Plan amendment and possibly a rezoning depending on density desired.

Does the City plan on offering an RFP on the tract in the future?

Response: This will be determined by the City Commission at a future meeting.

Does being in the Myers Park historic district provide the tract any protection from development?  Response: The City property (not the buildings) is listed on the Local Register of Historic Places and is considered a contributing property. A Certificate of Appropriateness is required prior to the issuance of development permits. This requirement applies to anything other than routine maintenance, including new construction, demolition and relocation. The Architectural Review Board (ARB) reviews the applications. There are specific guidelines found on the Tallahassee Trust website for the Myers Park HPO and a link is provided below.…/28fdc0_26bf3cf416e54263bf4ae00d76abe…

Is there anything wrong with the P&R compound that would necessitate its razing?

Response: I am unaware of any structural issues with the buildings on the site and have not had an opportunity, to date, to inquire. However, there are a number of buildings of various sizes and configurations throughout the site that are not very efficient or effectively utilized. Consideration of redevelopment of the property also does not exclude maintaining those structures that can be effectively utilized or desired to be maintained.

It was my understanding that the wall was a done deal—agreed upon by commissions in a unanimous vote. What made/when did the commissioners change their minds?

Response: The Intergovernmental Agency (IA) approved $500,000 for the design and construction of the wall. This amount only represents an estimate of the cost based on Blueprint’s preliminary analysis at the time of the allocation of funding. The final cost of the wall can only be determined upon final design. There are two reasons why the design has not moved forward. First, the County Commission, at their December 2015 retreat established their priorities for 2016. One priority was to seek weatherization of the stage and if there were sufficient funds, seek covering of the permanent seating area. The sound expert used throughout the construction of the amphitheater has indicated that covering the amphitheater or a portion of the amphitheater could mitigate sound impacts. Over the past several months, staff developed a concept to weatherize the stage and an analysis was completed to see if the weatherization structure would mitigate sound to the extent that the height of the 30’ wall could be reduced. The sound expert recently concluded that the weatherization will not provide any sound mitigation. At this time, the City is not desirous of covering the seating area. Therefore, this concept was not reviewed for potential mitigation. The second reason for the delayed action was that commissioners, at the June IA meeting, raised concerns regarding the impact of the wall on the City property should the property be redeveloped in the future. Specifically, staff was asked to analyze what kind of impacts the wall would have on the redevelopment of the property and if there was a more efficient way of creating a sound wall rather than constructing the wall with Blueprint funds. There is a possibility that redevelopment of the property or a portion of the property could be integrated into the site and serve as a sound barrier. In other words, you would place uses and people in the location of the proposed wall, it would be developer funded (no tax dollars used), it could address the attractiveness of a 30’ high barrier and allow residents or users who desire the proximity to the park and amphitheater to serve as the barrier.

To whom should I refer neighbors for more information?

Response: Any further requests regarding the City process should be forwarded to me. I will distribute to other staff as appropriate.

Thanks again for taking the time to make sure the information is distributed to the neighborhoods.

Wayne Tedder
City of Tallahassee
Assistant City Manager
Development Services and Economic Vitality

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